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Does Replica Rolex's Five Year Warranty Imply Longer Service Intervals?

A couple of years ago, Replica Rolex extended their warranty from two years to five. The transition date was July 1, 2015. replica watches sold before that date had a two year warranty. replica watches sold after were warranted for five years. Even replica watches sitting in the cases of authorized dealers. Buy a fake watch on June 30, get two years coverage. Hold off for a day, buy the same actual physical fake watch and get five years?worth.

Rolex Sky-Dweller

But if you'd purchased a fake watch before the new warranty kicked in replica rolex, you didn't lose out totally. You received an extra year, free of charge.

That, of course, brings up a couple of points.One is, since apparently no manufacturing changes were made, Replica Rolex's confidence in their products ?metaphorically flipping a switch and increasing the warranty period by a factor of 2.5 ?is reassuring.

Rolex Service

Another question implied is whether or not fake watch owners can now wait longer to "change the oil and spark plugs??To push the automobile analogy, when synthetic motor oils were introduced, we car owners could go from 3000 miles to 10,000 miles between recommended oil changes. Not a perfect analogy, but could we do the same with our Replica Rolexes?

Well, it turns out that, yes, Replica Rolex did bump the recommended service interval ?from three years to ten. That's a HUGE jump! Not unlike our cars on synthetic oil. Only no real changes were made ?to the watch, or to the lubricants (as far as we know).

So?can you personally decide to bump the service interval on your venerable Submariner 14060M from three years to ten? That particular model, for instance, is a relatively modern early 2000s model. Is it all of a sudden safe from harm and excessive wear if you wait ten years for service instead of three?

Rolex Submariner

The simple truth is people have been waiting far longer than three years to service their timepieces for a long time ?often for no other reason than to put off the anticipated service and repair bill. At north of $500 for routine service, total cost of ownership of a fine fake watch begins to be significantly above the purchase price.

Have the replica watches come to harm because of this? No rigorous data are available on that score. Everyone's mileage varies with frequency of wear, how the fake watch is used, the environment it's used in, etc.

Now, we at Bob's aren't going to endorse practices that are outside of brand recommendations. But one might conclude that running your fake watch longer than the recommended service interval won't hurt it as much as previously thought ?if it's a Replica Rolex, and a relatively modern one at that.

That said, we'll leave you with this simple phrase ?caveat emptor.

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