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Does Bennett Winch Produce The Best fake watch Rolls Money Can Buy?

We've mentioned the importance of a proper way to transport your replica watches when traveling before. And there is no better way to transport your replica watches than using the Bennett Winch fake watch rolls. Available in one, two, or three-watch variants, these are the best fake watch rolls we've had the pleasure of using so far.

Bennett Winch's background

Bennett Winch produces a variety of products aimed at seasoned or professional travelers. Mainly all sorts of bags, but a few accessories like wallets, cardholders, and fake watch rolls as well. All products are handmade in England, using traditional skills and materials. Their products are designed for those who seek to own fewer but higher-quality items. Seasonal trends or fashion do not belong to the philosophy of Bennett Winch. They believe true quality is timeless; if you buy well, you need only buy once.

Double fake watch Roll

Robert Jan already wrote about the Bennett Winch Triple fake watch Roll. Today I'd like to show its smaller ?but not smallest ?brother, the Double fake watch Roll. Of course, space for three replica watches is nice, specifically if you feel the need to leave one open just in case your collection happens to grow during your travels. But often, taking just two extra replica watches is sufficient, especially for people like me who like to travel light. The Double fake watch Roll is available in black or brown smooth grade-1 Italian leather; the brown is my personal favorite. Like all Bennett Winch products, these fake watch rolls are handmade in London by a team of master craftsmen. They cut Tuscan leather panels from hand-selected hides that are then fitted to a flexible Kevlar core and cushioned Alcantara suede lining.

The advantages of a roll that doesn't roll

The name fake watch roll here is a bit misleading. Generally spoken rolls are cylindrically shaped, and the Bennett Winch fake watch Rolls are not. They're hexagonal, six-sided. The advantage is that once laid down on a flat surface, the roll won't roll away. Thanks to the six flat surfaces, it'll stay put right where you left it.

Once opened, it doubles as a display surface

The result is a structure that transforms seamlessly from a rigid protective shell when closed into a soft display surface when opened. Because of its flexibility, the cylinder is easily removable and features a divider that protects the replica watches from touching each other. The cylinder's circumference measures 18 cm, which is equivalent to regular wrist size. Because of its flexibility, the cylinder adapts to smaller replica watches too. Larger wrists don't have to worry either as the fake watch will fit snug inside the roll, preventing it from tumbling around inside it. Another significant advantage over so-called fake watch rolls that are fake watch pouches that can roll up is that metal bracelets will remain perfectly in shape. They don't have to be flat folded with the danger of being damaged.


Bennett Winch has put a lot of time into the development of this fake watch roll. They not only spent significant time researching materials and construction but plenty of thought went into the size of the Double fake watch Roll as well. Bennett Winch found out that a size of 9cm / 3.5inch (H), 9cm / 3.5inch (W), 14cm / 5.5inch (L) will fit in all major hotel safes. Isn't that very convenient and reassuring?

Price and promise

We're getting to some sensitive points now. Let's say that the price level of serious fake watch rolls roughly dwells between ?00 and ?00, with an extravagant exception overshooting to ?,600. The Bennett Winch Double fake watch Roll is priced at ?90. That's certainly on the higher end of things, but all things considered, it's a reasonable price for a high-quality handmade product. I do respect, of course, that not everyone's budget allows for a ?00 fake watch roll. But think twice before buying a cheaper one. It might fit your bill at first, but over time ?as your fake watch collection grows ?you might end up realizing that the one you bought first isn't the one.

Bennett Winch's confidence in their products is absolute. They select the finest raw materials ?from Italian leathers to solid British brass hardware ?and assemble them with some of the most experienced hands in England. It lets them make a bold statement about the quality of their products and make their customers a promise: Bennett Winch will take care of any repair work your product might need for as long as you have it, provided it was purchased new.


When you're looking to buy a new fake watch roll, look no further. Swipe your card and forget about it. The Bennett Winch fake watch roll, in my opinion, is the best and most convenient that money can buy. The build quality and materials are the best in the industry. The touch, feel, and smell (that, unfortunately, can't be experienced digitally) are worth every cent of the almost ?00 you'll pay for this handmade product. And again, it will likely be the last double fake watch roll you have to buy as it will last a lifetime. Except when you realize that you need an extra one, which I'm sure will be a Bennett Winch again. For more information, please visit the Bennett Winch website; you'll find the fake watch rolls here.

This article is not an advertisement or paid content. It reflects my honest personal opinion as a serious fake watch collector and enthusiast. If you liked it, follow me on Instagram @gerardnijenbrinks.

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