Since the breakout of the Coronavirus Pandemic which is fast spreading across the country, the Kwara State Internal Revenue has taken several measures to safeguard the lives of its Staff, ease the burden on Taxpayers, and ensure business continuity in line with best practice as an ISO Certified organization. 

Below are some of the measures taken to stop and curb the spread:

1. Suspension of biometric machine sign-in by the staff of the organization since March 16, 2020

2. Reduction of the number of staff to be in the office at any time to 3 per office 

3. Extension of the deadline for filing Annual Returns to the 31st May 2020

4. Encouraging taxpayers to make payments via electronic means 

5. Virtual management and committee meetings

6. Provision of hand-washer, hand sanitizers, electronic thermometers to check temperatures of anyone coming into our office premises.

7. Temporary shutdown of all area offices to avoid and stop the spread of the pandemic

8. Review of the Revenue and Expenditure Budget for the year 2020.

9. Suspension of every form of enforcement on defaulting Taxpayers

10. Continuous Sensitization on the importance of staying at home and curbing the spread via our various social platforms

These measures are in response to the reality that the world is going through a really tough time and there is a need for everyone to adjust to this new reality and abide by the safety guidelines as provided by the State government.

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