The Spread of COVID 19 is becoming a thing of great concern to everyone across the world and Nigeria in particular. As a result of this, the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service wishes to inform our taxpayers (self-employed individuals, ventures and enterprises) of the extension of the deadline for filing annual tax returns till the 31st of May, 2020.

This move is to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic and to also ensure that all residents of Kwara remain safe and healthy.

However, all taxpayers can conveniently file their annual returns on our website using this link

All self-employed individuals, ventures and enterprises in the State should note that failure to file the returns by the close of business on the 31st of May, 2020 is a contravention of the Personal Income Tax Act under reference and shall be liable to a penalty of N500,000 in the case of a corporate body and N50,000 in the case of an individual.

The safety of all of us as humans is very paramount. Let us all keep doing our best to ensure we remain safe and avoid contracting or spreading the virus.

For further inquiries please call 0700MYKWIRS (07006859477) or send an email to

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