The Team Leads of Business Analysis, Communication and Change Management Units of KW-IRS, Taofiq Alabi and Comfort Kolade, alongside, Acting Head, IT Operations, Dare Akogun and TIN officer Abubakar Abdullateef discussed Revenue Management System of KW-IRS, Tax Identification Number (TIN) and Kwara Residential Identification Number (KRIN).
 Did You Know?
    Revenue Management System of KW-IRS is aimed at re-engineering the current business processes to improve taxpayers’ compliance, block revenue leakages, implement multiple payment channels, optimize internal business processes, develop a robust taxpayers’ database for ease of identification and consequently increase Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

    The Revenue Management System (RMS) of KW-IRS:
–    Reduces process cycle and process variation.
–    Refines process documentation.
–    Improves taxpayer compliance leading to an increase in revenue collection.
–    Enhances capabilities for continuous process performance.
–    Efficient service delivery and expand taxpayer database.
–    Improves optimization of available resources.
–    Improves access to good leading practices and benchmarks.
–    Increases voluntary compliance, provide easy access to self-service portal, ease of payment. It will also reduce physical interface between the staff of the Service and taxpayers.
–    Eliminates cash collections

    The URL to the Self-Service Portal of KW-IRS is www.kw-irs.com, following these steps:
–    Signup
–    Update your profile
–    Request for KRIN (If you do not have TIN)
–    Do transactions

    You can file your Annual Tax Return on the portal and make payment.
    You do not need a TIN to register on KW-IRS portal, however need a TIN or KRIN before you can raise an assessment or make payment on the portal.

    Tax Account on the Self-Service portal is where all Tax Liabilities and payment are recorded; it shows all Tax Payments and any Tax Outstanding.

    The platform automatically sync taxpayers’ data from JTB and CAC.

    With the new platform, taxpayer gets notification of KRIN registration, assessment and payment in their mail and text messages.

    TIN refers to Tax Identification Number or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and is a unique 10 (ten) digit numbers used to identify an individual, business, or other entity in tax returns.

    Any individual or entity who has any source of income can apply for TIN

    TIN can be obtained in two ways:
–    Option 1: Applicant could visit KW-IRS office at No. 27, Ahmadu Bello way Ilorin or any of our offices situated in all Local Government Areas of the State.

–    Option 2: For Corporate, applicants could use the portal tin.jtb.gov.ng, click on register for TIN.  TIN application gets approved if information supplied is accurate and then TIN number is released within minutes.

    To register for TIN registration, applicant needs CAC if it is a non-individual applicant. If it is an individual applicant, only a means of identification, Address, Phone number, Email address and BVN Validation evidence are required.

    The verification of BVN is required to bring the unique information of taxpayers unto the new platform.

    A lost TIN e-certificate could be retrieved by visiting and filling your details on the Portal tinverification.jtb.gov.ng either to download the certificate or request to send via email or visit the Tax Office.

    If anyone thinks he or she has a TIN, this could be confirmed from the verification portal tinverification.jtb.gov.ng, by supplying needed details. The portal brings out the TIN if the applicant has it or tells you if not.

    An Individual TIN is for personal use for Government to uniquely identify a potential tax payer while Corporate TIN is for companies/businesses such that the Government could identify such businesses uniquely.

    There are two Tax Authorities in the Federation: Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and State Internal Revenue Service (SIRS) responsible for the registration and issuance of TIN.

    KRIN is refer to as Kwara Resident Identification Number and can be used for Tax Clearance or Tax Payment in Kwara State.

    The new JTB TIN Registration System is integrated with data sources from agencies such as CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission), NIBSS (Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement System), and NIMS (National Identity Management Commission) to identify and register taxpayers automatically if already captured by these agencies.

    JTB TIN helps serve all tax authorities as a robust database with consolidated data of all viable taxpayers in Nigeria.

    Benefits of JTB TIN Registration System include:
–    Adoption of central reliable registration system;
–    Reduces cost for tax authorities and also promotes efficiency;
–    Creates room for merging of two or more companies with a single TIN.
–    Has a single registration process and a taxpayer’s unique identity number that is linked with the taxpayer’s BVN; this prevents multiple taxation on taxpayers.
–    Has unique feature of QR code that validates the authenticity of the TIN.
–    Ability to use the Individual ID Card, to make bank withdrawals and acquire information about tax system.
–    Has a mobile application and web interface where print out of the certificate could be done and TIN certificate could be received via email.
–    Possesses ability to search TIN number, using BVN or phone number with DOB (Date of Birth).

    Having TIN serves these purposes:
–    Required to apply for government loan
–    A must-have when one wishes to open a business account
–    A must-have if one needs an import, export or trade License
–    Needed for Tax Clearance, Waiver, Allowance, Incentive etc.

    Automation has eased revenue administration, allowing efficient reporting system, and ease identification of who made payment, eradicates and blocks revenue leakages.

    Taxpayers can transact directly with the official revenue officers at the various KW-IRS offices and payment points situated across Kwara State and ensure all payments are receipted accordingly.

    All revenue payments are to be made into the Kwara State Government IGR Accounts through the online payment platforms provided by the State. That is REMITA, QUICKTELLER, PAYARENA and others to be communicated in due course.

    All correspondence for Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) are to be addressed as and only to the Executive Chairman, KW-IRS, 27, Ahmadu Bello Way, G.R.A, Ilorin, Kwara State for required attention.

    The Corporate Head Office of KW-IRS is on number 27, Ahmadu Bello way, GRA, Ilorin.

    For ease of Revenue administration, among other benefits, the harmonized collection was introduced as an approach to effective collection by and for Kwara State. This tool is being used in collection of revenue meant strictly for the State and for few collectible items of Local Government as agreed with them for efficiency. These collectibles on behalf of LGAs are reported and remitted to them accordingly at the end of each month. Such collections include Tenement Rate, Radio License, Citizenship etc.

    KW-IRS has physical offices in all the 16 Local Government Areas across Kwara State.

–    Website: www.kw-irs.com
–    Customer Care line:07006959477
–    Email:  helpdesk@kw-irs.com
–    Facebook:        KwaraIRS
–    Twitter:            @KwaraIRS
–    Instagram:       @kwirs

Corporate Affairs Department, KW-IRS


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