The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Technology and Ministry of Information and Communication have collaborated with the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) to carry out campaign in different languages, (English, Pidgin, Yoruba, Fulfude, Nupe, Hausa, Batonum, and Bokobaru) across markets in the State.

The campaign, targeted at ensuring market users and traders maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness within and around the markets in particular and the State at large lasted 8days.

The first phase of the exercise, which cut across markets within Ilorin metropolis commenced on Tuesday 31st August and ended on 9th September 2021. The markets visited by the campaign team in their van and vehicle included Mandate, Oja Tuntun, Ipata, Oja-Oba, Sango-Akerebiata, Offa Garage, Gaa Akanbi markets.

Others are Tipper Garage and Oko Olowo markets.

The marketers in their responses appreciated the government for its sensitivity to keeping a healthy citizenry through the awareness campaign on cleanliness within the markets, with promise to continually ensure markets environment and the State are clean at all times.

Appeal was however made to concerned agencies of government and concerned individuals to do more in ensuring quicker removal and disposal of waste carriers placed at specific locations in the State and in placement of more waste bins and bags for the use of markets and enforcement of dirt free environment.

Corporate Affairs Department, KW-IRS
10th September, 2021


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