The Ag. Head, Road Taxes and Unit Head, Central Motor Registry (CMR) of KW-IRS, Afolabi Oladepo and Abayomi Balogun respectively discussed Road Taxes operations in respect to Kwara State on KW-IRS tax advocacy programme “My Tax and I”.

Did You Know?
 Road Taxes are taxes levied on an individual or business for the use of a vehicle on roads located within the City, State or Municipality.

 Road Taxes are also called Vehicle Excise Duty.

 The Motor Licensing Authority (MLA), of Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) is responsible for collection Road Taxes.

 To register a new vehicle, the vehicle owner visits any of the MLA offices across Kwara State with the following documents:
i. Receipt of purchase or delivery note
ii. Custom papers where applicable with evidence of payment
iii. Means of identification of the owner of the new vehicle
iv. One passport photograph
v. Evidence of PIT/PAYE

 Vehicle registration in Kwara State is in three categories and the rates vary, depending on engine capacity:
i. Motorcycles/Tricycles  (In the range of N8,550.00 & N10,050.00)
ii. Cars and Buses  (In the range of N31,500.00 & N33,500.00)
iii. Trucks  (N49,350.00)

 KW-IRS issues only Kwara State Number Plates. A taxpayer cannot obtain another State’s number plate in Kwara State.

 A taxpayer can renew any other State’s number plate at KW-IRS.

 It is possible to use your existing number plate on another vehicle. This is referred to as DIRECT LEVY. Taxpayers are to come with existing vehicle particulars on the previous vehicle and the receipt of purchase/delivery note, custom papers of the new vehicle, document of identification, and passport photograph of the vehicle owners to the Motor Licensing Office.

 KWAVIS is an acronym for KWARA VEHICLE INSPECTION SERVICE. It is a project designed to ensure that all vehicles plying our roads are road worthy. It involves physical and mechanical inspection of the vehicles. The facility inspects vehicles before certificate of road worthiness is issued to the vehicle owners and it is located beside Olak petrol station, Ilorin.

 With the introduction of KWAVIS, you can collect roadworthiness certificate alongside other car documents at KW-IRS in partnership with VIO.

 Driver’s License is a legal document issued by Motor Licensing Authority (MLA) in partnership with Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) to a person to drive motor vehicle on a public road.

 To obtain Driver’s License the following are needed:
i. Completion of an online application form
ii. Driving School Certificate from FRSC accredited driving school
iii. VIO Hand Book
iv. Learner’s Permit

 FRSC offices where details to obtain Driver’s License are taken for capturing in Kwara State are:
i. MLA, University of Ilorin Mini Campus
ii. MLA, Area 1 at the Corporate Office, 27 Ahmadu Bello Way, Ilorin
iii. MLA, Omu Aran, Irepodun LGA.
iv. MLA, Offa, Offa LGA.
v. MLA, Share, Ifelodun LGA.
vi. MLA, Erin Ile, Oyun LGA.

 Driver’s License is classified into 2 categories based on the validity period:
i. N6, 350.00 for Three years
ii. N10, 450.00 for Five years.
i. VIO Testing Fee N1, 000.00
ii. Driver’s manual / Highway Code N500.00
iii. Learners permit & L Plate N2, 200.00

 Driving School Certificate is at the discretion of the driving school. It is usually issued after completion of training.

 The Rider’s License is classified into two categories based on the validity period.
i. N3, 350.00 for Three years
ii. N5, 450.00 for Five years
i. Training school fees VIO N300.00
ii. VIO Testing Fee N500.00
iii. Driver’s manual / Highway code N500.00

 To ensure genuineness of the number plates, there is NO collaboration with third parties for issuance.

 Hackney permit is a document issued by Motor Licensing Authority which allows vehicles of certain category i.e. commercial to carry goods within or outside the State.

 Amount of Hackney permit is based on category:
i. Commercial Motor vehicle – N1, 300.00
ii. Tricycle -N1, 000.00
iii. Motorcycle -N600.00
iv. Pickup & Bus -N2, 240.00
v. Truck -N3, 800

 Radio License falls under Taxes and Levies (Approved List for Collection) ACT, CAP. T2, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004. It is collected by the Motor Licensing Authority and remitted to the Local Government.

 The following are the requirements for the dealership registration in Kwara State:
i. Application letter with a referral letter from either the Chairman, Motor Dealers’ Association or any other relevant body or person.
ii. CAC Certificate of Registration
iii. Valid document of identification
iv. Evidence of tax payment
v. N100,200.00 for registration
vi. Passport photograph

 The activities of Motor Licensing Authority (MLA) offices include Registration and Renewal of new vehicles or motorcycles or tricycle, and Issuance of Drivers’ Licenses

 MLA offices in KW-IRS in the State are located at:
i. MLA University of Ilorin, Mini Campus
ii. MLA VIO Offices
iii. MLA KWARTMA Offices
iv. MLA Pake, Ilorin
v. MLA Fate,Ilorin
vi. MLA Phase 3, Irewolede, Ilorin
vii. MLA Adewole, Ilorin
viii. MLA Area 1 at the Corporate Headquarters of the Service, Ilorin
ix. MLA Offa,Offa LGA.
x. MLA Omu Aran, Irepodun LGA.
xi. MLA Share, Ifelodun LGA.
xii. MLA Bode Saadu, Moro LGA.
xiii. MLA Lafiagi, Edu LGA.
xiv. MLA Ilesha Baruba, Baruten LGA.
xv. MLA Erin Ile, Oyun LGA.

 Tax Identification Number (TIN) is required for new registration of Motor Vehicle and Renewal and all tax transactions.
 Taxpayers are enjoined to transact directly with the official revenue officers at the various KW-IRS offices and payment points situated across the State and ensure all payments are receipted for accordingly.

 All revenue payments are to be made into the Kwara State Government IGR Accounts through the online payment platforms provided by the State- REMITA, QUICKTELLER, PAYARENA and others to be communicated in due course.

 All correspondence for Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) are to be addressed as and only to the Executive Chairman, KW-IRS, 27, Ahmadu Bello Way, G.R.A, Ilorin, Kwara State for required attention.

 For ease of Revenue administration, among other benefits, the harmonized bill/collections was introduced as an approach to effective collection by and for the State. This tool is being used in collection of revenue meant strictly for the State and few collectible items of Local Government as agreed with the LGAs for efficiency. These collectibles on behalf of LGAs are reported and remitted accordingly at the end of each month. Such collections include Tenement rate, Radio License, Citizenship etc.

Corporate Affairs Department, KW-IRS



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