The Head, Informal Sector, Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS), Maimunat Amasa, and other KW-IRS staff represented the Executive Chairman, KW-IRS, Shade Omoniyi in Ilorin, recently at the Nimota Idera Foundation Female Entrepreneurs Brunch organized to financially empower young business owners who are into the various class of businesses and others willing to start up businesses of their choice in the State.

In her keynote address, the representative of KW-IRS boss, Amasa, appreciated the Executive founder of the foundation, Ambassador Nimota Nihinlola Akanbi, the Co-founder Dr. Mariam Akanbi Balogun, and the Coordinator, Rahmat Balogun for the carefully conducted selection of candidates for the empowerment as part of the foundation’s contribution to the development of entrepreneurs in the State and the inclusion of avenue to speak about taxation and its impacts in the development of any State.

Amasa advised all beneficiaries to ensure the financial aids given are efficiently and effectively utilized and taxes due on various incomes of beneficiaries be paid as their civic responsibility to the growth of Kwara State.

Nimota Idera Foundation, established in 2008, rolled out for the year 2021, capital aids ranging from N25,000, N50,000, N100,000, and N150,000 strictly for female entrepreneurs in various businesses in the State.

Other guests and speakers at the event include Dr. Bamidele a mental health specialist and senior registrar at UITH Ilorin, and Juliet Halawani an experienced and successful business coach.

Corporate Affairs Department, KW-IRS



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