Stakeholders’ Engagement: KW-IRS Meets With Taxpayers Across LGAS In Kwara

In pursuance of active engagement across Local Governments Areas (LGAs) in Kwara, the State’s Internal Revenue Service, KW-IRS is reaching out to taxpayers and stakeholders through its Legal and Compliance Directorate.

The team, led by Head, Enforcement, KW-IRS, Lukman Mustafa, has been to not less than Six LGAs as at the end of January, 2021.

Stakeholders’ engagement sessions were held in Edu, Oyun, Kaiama, Patigi, Ekiti and Irepodun LGAS and had in attendance various categories of stakeholders including Associations of Artisans, Hairdressers, Okada Riders, Petrol Sellers, Patient Medicine sellers, Bricklayers, Shoemakers, as well as Local Government Revenue Officers.

The purpose of the Stakeholders’ engagement is to promote prompt remittances of taxes and compliance to all tax laws, thereby enhancing the revenue drive of Kwara State and to also improve the relationship between the Service and stakeholders.

To this end, the sessions in all Six LGAs visited were enlightening and interactive, giving room for attendees to voice their views and concerns which were adequately addressed to the satisfaction of the taxpayers.

The activities of the State government in improving lives of Kwara residents were well appreciated by various stakeholders at the meetings; such as the ongoing renovation of Hospitals, Schools, distribution of relief materials to victims of flood and wind disaster, social investment programmes, provision of palliatives to cushion the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, road projects and other projects being carried out in the State are evidences of responsiveness of the State government and taxpayers’ money at work across the State.

Appeal was made for more presence of the Government in the State to encourage voluntary tax compliance, towards more development in the State.

The stakeholders from different sectors of economy of the State pledged their allegiance to the Service and Government, while hoping that interactive and brainstorming opportunities of such come up more often.


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