Harnessing Revenue Potentials In Kwara: KW-IRS Continues It’s Working Visits To MDAs

The Executive Chairman of Kwara State Internal Revenue Service, (KW-IRS), Shade Omoniyi, with her team, on Friday, 26th February 2021, paid visits to the Ministries of Communications Water Resources and Energy, in continuation of the working visits embarked on by the Service, which is aimed at strengthening the relationship between KW-IRS and MDAs in the State.

The Permanent Secretaries, Hajia Robiat AbdulRahman of the Ministry of Communications, Alhaji Okanlawon Olanrewaju of Ministry of Water Resources, and Mr. Rotimi Banigbe of Ministry of Energy, all emphasized need to put in place required infrastructure to deal adequately with challenges in the MDAs.

In her statement, Hajia Robiat Abdulrahman appreciated the synergy meeting and opportunity to discuss on way forward to improving on activities of her ministry, particularly in the areas of need for vehicles to carry out required revenue roles and in sponsorship of orientation programs on the State’s media to further create awareness on the importance of tax compliance to the activities of the government.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources, Alhaji Okanlawon in his submission, also stated the need for both KW-IRS and MDAs to join hands in blocking revenue leakages and judiciously put to use available resources in the State.

He added that illegal drawing of raw water for consumption and water pollution are challenges being faced by the Ministry, stressing that, even though there are adequate water dams for tertiary distribution of water to serve the entire State, people need to take up the responsibility of ownership and management of government resources around them.

Alhaji Okanlawon disclosed the efforts being put in place by the Kwara State government on water reticulation to get water to every household, which could translate to revenue for the State when completed and promised continuous advocacy by its ministry to surmount all challenges.

At the Ministry of Energy, the Permanent Secretary, Mr.Banigbe expressed his satisfaction with the already established mutual relationship between KW-IRS and his Ministry, noting that, the Ministry will not relent in its efforts to doing much better.

He stated that issues they had in the past have been clarified and they now focus on the few revenue items clearly outlined for the Ministry. He added that the Ministry is doing all possible to energize the transformers already bought for some areas in need within the State.

In her response, the Executive Chairman of KW-IRS, Shade Omoniyi called for frequent meetings of MDAs and the KW-IRS, in order to come up with common positions beneficial to the State.

The Executive Chairman, KW-IRS, reiterated that the sole responsibility of the Service is to collect and report IGR for the State. She acknowledged the fact, that KW-IRS needs all partners for excellent performance, because the revenue budget of MDAs is the revenue budget of KW-IRS, amongst others.

A continuous working relationship is therefore very key to achieving the developmental goals of the State. Speaking to hindrances militating against proper service delivery and revenue drive, the KW-IRS boss noted that, the Service does not have access to funds to purchase vehicles for MDAs, but open to collaboration, as it relates to working with available resources.

KW-IRS receives monthly subvention, just as all other Ministries and Agencies of government to run its affairs and might not be capable of meeting up with the vehicle needs raised as they were.

She however encouraged the Ministries to draw up a schedule of revenue activities and enforcement, which could run alongside activities of the KW-IRS, just as already being done by some other Ministries.
Similarly, to reducing the challenge of vehicles, proposition of repairs of unused vehicles of the government was raised by the Ministry of Communications to ease movement on revenue drive.

The Executive Chairman stated the consciousness of the Service to Communication with the public and will continue to utilize all options available especially through the use of technology, through its social media platforms to disseminate basic information and activities, as the need arises.

The meeting impressed it on all to look at ways to making the infrastructure of the State more functional, with a strong appeal for the patronage of government services and taking responsibility for protecting Government assets.

Mrs. Omoniyi appealed for better collaboration in all MDAs to ensure relevant and immediate resolutions to support improving IGR for the State are explored.

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