KW-IRS Committed to Curb Spread of COVID-19

The safety and well being of our staff and esteemed taxpayers’ are of high priority to us at the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) during this COVID-19 pandemic. The disease that has claimed thousands of lives has affected the world economy and even brought about a total lockdown to business operations in some parts. Work operations have been restricted to only the essential services in Kwara State and the rest of the country.

As an ISO certified organization which ensures compliance with world best practices as well as the dictates of the government, the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) through the activation of its Business Continuity Plan has put measures in place to ensure adequate control and containment of this pandemic within our offices. We advise our esteemed taxpayers’ and staff to ensure that the steps below are taken in line with WHO and NCDC guidelines:
• Wash your hands for 20 seconds every 20 minutes
• Maintain social distancing
• Avoid crowded places of more than 25 people
• Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing most preferably with your flex elbow or a tissue. Ensure tissue is disposed immediately.
• Avoid traveling for now
• Self-isolate when down with symptoms such as headaches and running nose.

While hoping that this phase pass away in a short while, we wish to inform our esteemed taxpayers’ that some of our staff are still deployed in locations such as Kwara State Hospitals and Kwara State Water Corporation to ensure that essential services are accessed by Kwarans in this period.

We would encourage reaching us via our channels below for any questions or inquiries:

Phone: 0700MYKWIRS (07006959477)

Let’s all be self-conscious and stay safe.


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