The attention of the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) is drawn to the publication of National Pilot dated 21 March 2016 with the title “IGR: Kwarans groan over tax increment”.

We wish to state categorically that no tax increment has been made by KW-IRS. The identified items: Registry Weddings and Citizenship Certificate are all collectibles by Local Governments which are yet to be handed over to KW-IRS. As such, if there was any increase, it is by Local Governments and unofficially so.

Till date, collections on the stated items are still done by Local Government Officials. More so, the stated items, Registry Weddings and Citizenship are revenue items, not tax. While tax is to the State Government, the stated revenue items are fees under the Local Government collection list.

The Joint Revenue Committee (JRC) made up of all Local Government Chairmen is currently working on the harmonisation of State and Local Government collections as provided for in the Kwara State Revenue Administration Law No. 6. However, even after harmonisation, such items still continue to belong under the Local Government collection and if handed over to the State Government, KW-IRS would only collect on their behalf and remit to the Local Governments’ accounts appropriately.

Please note that all revenue collected by KW-IRS accruable to the Local Governments and State Government are paid into the Kwara State IGR accounts domiciled in all the commercial banks of the State.