EDUCHILD 2018 Project: KW-IRS Partners With NGO

The fundamental questions we need to ask ourselves are: What do we value in terms of the skills and knowledge our students need to have when they leave school? What sort of citizens do we want them to be? And what sort of world do we want them to create in the future?

The five-year-old boy or girl who started Kindergarten this year will be at University in 2030 and will spend most of their working lives in the second half of the 21st century.While it has always been the case that our schools hold the future within their classrooms, today’s education system needs to set the foundations for these young children to thrive in life and be able to work in 2050 and beyond.It is highly plausible that these young children will be living in a world radically altered from our own because of the pace of change fashioned by advancing technologies. Therefore, future thinking – and planning for the future – matters more now than ever before.

On this background, and as part of the Community Impact Program (CIP) of the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) to promote excellence in education, the Service in conjunction with Beautiful HeartsNetwork, a Non-Governmental Organisation, embarked on a life-changing project tagged, ‘EduChild’, supported by the Ministry of Education and Capital Development. This project is to inspire, educate and prepare students for a fulfilling future.


The project started on the 26th of September, and it has been scheduled to cross across all the sixteen (16) Local Government Councils in Kwara State. In this first instance, sixty (60) Public Senior Secondary Schools would be visited in the first ten (10) weeks of the first term of 2018/2019 academic session in Kwara Central, Kwara South and Kwara North Senatorial Districts.

The objectives of the projects are to serve as an all-round guild to young people in order to help them discover and develop their inner self that is lying quiescent; to raise young people as future leaders; to serve as a platform to inspire hope and shape the perspective of children towards a fulfilling career and professional journey, and also reaffirm the readiness and commitment of the state to grass-root development as far as education is concerned, among others.

The programme facilitators would discuss Money culture, Peer and parental relationship, Career path and choice, Patriotism and moral value, Purposeful living, etc.


The purpose of the project is a S.H.I.R.T. acronyms corresponding with the core values of the Service

  • S=Shape a vision of academic success based on high standards for all Secondary School students in Kwara State.
  • H= Harness formal education with personal skill to create an atmosphere that is hospitable for safety, cooperative spirit and other foundations for prolific interaction.
  • I=Improve relationships with parents and peers and equip students to combat peer pressure in order to create a society devoid of social vices like drug abuse, hooliganism, thuggery, sexual assault, cultism.
  • R=Revamp personal skill and talent of Secondary School students for 21st century local and global challenges while recognizing opportunities for job creation and purposeful living.
  • T= Train students to cultivate teamwork for excellent performance, integrity, ethical conduct, as well as loyalty and patriotism for their country and continent.


  • General and Personal interactionwith students: This is an avenue where students have the
  • privilege to discuss with EduChild facilitators about issues that bother them ranging from academic problems to relationship issues.
  • Training sessions: This would focus on self-discovery, career path and choice, peer and parental relationship, patriotism, moral values, emotional and financial intelligence, purposeful living, values (responsibility, discipline, integrity etc.) etc.
  • Gifts presentation to selected students: Bulletins and Entrepreneurship Textbook, ‘Entrepreneurship for Secondary School’ wouldbe given to all participating students.

Apart from language which is a distinctive feature that distinguish human beings from animals, empathy and skill are something computers/ artificial intelligence will always struggle to emulate. Therefore, there is a need to discover the skills and talents embedded in Kwara State students in order to prepare them for a future where only those who can combine technology fluency with personal skill can survive.In an attempt to develop and train students for the future that lies ahead, it is therefore germane to avail Kwara State students this type of life-changing opportunity.


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