To Succeed, Apply Knowledge and Wisdom with Understanding – Prof. Awodun

With a passion to impact young people all over the world on creativity and innovation, the Executive Chairman, Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS), Dr Muritala Awodun gave a lecture to the 2018 Graduating Students of Roemichs International Schools on the theme: Acquiring wisdom is a moral duty not only an intention to advance one’s life on 12 July, 2018.

Prof. Awodun explained that knowledge is relevant fact, skill and understanding brought to bear on a creative effort. He noted that the world is full of problems and the quest for knowledge has become the most sought after thing in life today. He emphasized that knowledge imbibed on in schools is not enough and we all must search for wisdom which is not negotiable if one must succeed. He made a biblical reference to King Solomon who asked God for knowledge and wisdom because knowledge will not solve problem on its own.

Prof. Awodun emphasized that wisdom is the appropriate and right application of knowledge, thus knowledge and wisdom can be likened to creativity and innovation. He advised the new graduates to apply wisdom in their future endeavours as knowledge not appropriately applied is meaningless just like creativity not transformed to innovation is valueless. He however highlighted on the importance of applying wisdom with knowledge to become successful in life. He capped it all saying that acquiring wisdom is a moral responsibility and not a mere intention to advance our life’s as we have been made to believe.


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