KW-IRS Embarks On Community Impact Program along University Road, Tanke

Over the years, Tanke axis has experienced incidents of flood during the rainy season as a result of blocked drainages caused by illegal dumping of refuse along the water ways by residents of the area.

Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS), as part of its Community Impact Program centred on “Environment” which is one of the five Es (Employment, Empowerment, Environment, Education, Enterprise), embarked on clearing of drainages from Tipper garage through University of Ilorin main gate in a bid to forestall further occurrence of flood and prevent the outbreak of infections and diseases such as Malaria and Cholera just as another rainy season is about to set in.

Residents of this area are hereby enjoined to change their attitude towards indiscriminate dumping of solid waste and ensure safe environment as this will go a long way to prevent the hazardous effects of improper waste management, reduce Government spending on repair of damaged roads and provide an opportunity to channel public funds to other sectors of the economy beneficial to and desired by us all.


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