Property Tax: KW-IRS Meets with Irewolede Estate Landlords’ Association

The Directorate of Property Tax, Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) called for a round-table meeting with Irewolede Estate Landlords’ Association, Bureau of Lands and Kwara State Housing Commission. The meeting, which held on the 4th of August 2017 was to address issues regarding the bills raised, wrong land measurement and the basis for tagging properties/houses as either commercial or residential within the estate.

The Association President, Alhaji Baba Nagode expressed that the estate were served commercial bills and that there is great variation in the bills as a result of wrong measurement. In the same vein, a member of the Association’s Board of Trustees, Alhaji Ibrahim Mahmood said that they are not happy with the discrepancy in their bills, affirming that they are ready to pay their taxes if they are fully educated on why the bills in their estate are different as some are tagged commercial while some tagged residential when they as landlords believe all are residential.

The Deputy Director General, Bureau of Lands, Alhaji Muyideen clearly stated that Irewolede Estate was built for residential purpose, but some of the housing units have been commercialized when rented out or converted to shops, He therefore advised the Landlords’ Association to do a change of name in case any house is commercialized. He also noted that the landlords can raise objection if they have doubt in the bills raised and a revised bill will be raised after second assessment. Muyideen finally appealed to the landlords to support the government by paying their taxes, as only this can promote the State’s infrastructure development.

Head of Estate Department, Kwara State Housing Commission, Alhaji Ganiyu Adi stated that Irewolede Estate has both commercial and residential areas and are all liable to pay taxes, however variation is allowed in land use as charges are based on the size of the land used, He concluded by advising landlords to obtain their Certificate of Occupancy.

In her address, the KW-IRS Director of Property Tax, Alhaja Iyabo Abubakar emphasized the need for tax payment not only in Kwara State but Nigeria at large, therefore urged the landlords to pay their dues as required by the law.

Alhaja Abubakar advised the landlords to provide adequate and genuine information about any property whose purpose has been converted from residential to commercial so that such property can be appropriately taxed. She added that taxpayers stand to enjoy 10% discount when they pay within 30 days of notice and it remains their right to raise objection when served with wrong bills.


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