Ode to a Doyen of Inestimable Value (Dr Muritala Awodun)

The lion, the king of the jungle

Turns not away from any man

Muritala Olakitan Awodun

A courageous achiever

Who knows not what fear is

But dared to tread

Where no one dared.

A rare breed

Muritala Olakitan Awodun

Standing strong like the lion

The lord of the forest

A survivor, a warrior

A high-flier and go-getter

The first among equal

A silent achiever putting others first

And saving himself last.

Your silence and gentle mien is the loudest roar

Like the blow from a lion’s paw

Strong, firm and resilient

In pursuit of virtues for which you believe

Defies all odds until

Victory is accomplished

The invincibility of the Great One, your foundation

And confident in your inner strength makes you

Courageous, limitless and boundless.

Brave daring audacious and enterprising

That’s who you are; our doyen of inestimable value

Truth does not sit in a cavern and hide like a lie.

Oh No!

It walks around confidently with pride

And roars loudly like a lion.

Just as a city placed on the hill top

Muritala Olakitan Awodun

You stand out and you stand tall

With integrity uncompromised

Honour dignified,

And grace unequalled


Celebrate you again today

We celebrate your greatness

Your ingenuity, your kindness

And love for humanity.

We celebrate your “it’s not over until it’s over” spirit

Your “can do spirit”

That keeps everyone on their toes

Until victory is achieved.

We celebrate you today because success is having the heart of a lion

Daring the impossible and returning home with the prey

Happy, Happy Birthday to you

Dr Muritala Olakitan Awodun


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