Kwarans Can Be The Change They Want To See: Dr. Awodun

In a bid for the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS), the official body empowered by the State Government to collect revenue on behalf of the State government to further ensure transparency in the disposition of its duties, the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) sees it a crucial need for Kwarans to be constantly acquainted with the update of revenue collected by KW-IRS. To achieve this, the Executive Chairman, KW-IRS, Dr. Muritala Awodun in his usual practice again featured on “The Platform”, the people’s parliament programme put together by the Kwara State Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Kwara located on the frequency of 99.0 FM Monday, 19 September 2016.

The Executive Chairman, KW-IRS, Dr. Muritala Awodun revealed to Kwarans that the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) have been able to collect a total of 11 billion naira in 8 months for the year 2016 against the 7.2 billion naira collected by the old Board of Internal Revenue Service (KBIR) all through the 2015 calendar year. Dr. Awodun also used “The Platform” medium to inform Kwarans of the Infrastructural Fund Kwara (IFK) project recently put in place by the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed for adequate contributions towards the realization of state projects. The Executive Chairman, KW-IRS, further enumerated on the contribution strategy designed by the State government to source funds for the Infrastructure Fund Kwara (IFK) programme which is by setting aside 500 million naira from the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) collected by KW-IRS monthly. He affirmed that with this strategy, contractors are now being mobilized back to site to commence developmental projects for the state and that the Executive Governor have also assigned “Trustees” who will ensure that contractors are paid and also ensure that IFK funds are not mismanaged.

Dr. Awodun further leveraged on his appearance on “The Platform” to correct the wrong impression going round town that KW-IRS has taken over the duties of the Ministry of Works and Environment. He stressed such an impression is not in any way correct. The EC, KW-IRS, clarified that the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) believes that Kwarans can be the change they want to see and that was what necessitated the calling together of KW-IRS staff on the last Saturday of August 2016 which was a sanitation day to clear the debris in some drainages using Tanke area. He corroborated by stating that the concept to achieve community service of KW-IRS and also awake Ministries that are involved in that regards as a body that is close to the people and understands the pressing needs of the people. He stated that the sanitation exercise conducted by KW-IRS was also to sensitize Kwarans on the need to ensure that people don’t throw dirt inside the drainages and also compel people to be responsible.

Dr. Awodun further stated that the sanitation project embarked by the Service is also in relation with “Environment” which is one of the five Es set aside by the Service as areas for the Service to carry out its Community Impact Programme (CIP) and the five Es are: Environment, Education, Enterprise, Employment and Empowerment.


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