KW-IRS Visits The Wrecked Site Of The Oja Tuntun Market

Monday, 30 May 2016 was an unpleasant day for some shop owners at the Oja tuntun market, Ilorin (popularly called Baboko market) following an outbreak of fire which engulfed 40 (forty) shops. The fire was reported to have started in the early hours between 1am and 6am on Monday. The cause of inferno was traced to the sudden upsurge of electric power supply and the poor habit of not turning off all electrical appliances before retiring at the end of the day. The secretary of the market Executives, Mr Ladi Olororo who spoke to KW-IRS media officer added that the fact that generators were kept in many shops escalated the inferno.

The KW-IRS team on Tuesday 31 May, led by its Executive Chairman, Dr. Muritala Awodun paid a visit to the market to show their sympathy to the victims of the inferno, the Market Executives as well as the market traders in general. With deep concern, Dr. Awodun expressed shock at the loss adding that it was becoming too frequent and as such there was a need to find a lasting solution to prevent future occurrence. He requested the Iyaloja General and the Babaloja General to make available the list of those affected by the fire incident, the numbers of shops affected and the value of loss in the outbreak to enable him make recommendations to the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Alhaji (Dr) Abdulfatah Ahmed.

The Secretary of the Oja tuntun Market Executives, Mr. Ladi Olororo, expressed his appreciation to the KW-IRS team for their concern. He explained that even though they got response from the State Fire Service, putting off the fire was not an easy task because of the poor access to the burning shops. This he added led to the consummation of additional two shops in the early hours of Tuesday 31 May 2016. Mr. Ladi informed the KW-IRS team of the visit of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Alhaji. Abdulfatah Ahmed to the site on the day of the incident.

Dr. Awodun admonished the Market Executives and the market traders as a whole to take precautionary measures in order to prevent future occurrence of fire outbreak. He emphasised that this has to be jointly worked out by the market Executives and the market traders as a whole. He admonished the market people to ensure that electrical appliances are put off daily at the close of business so as to ensure the safety of lives and properties. He assured that KW-IRS will report the incident by way of feedback to the Executive Governor.


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