Kogi State Board of Internal Revenue on a Tour of KW-IRS

A team of delegates sent by the Kogi State Board of Internal Revenue (KBIR) to understudy the transition of the Kwara Board of Internal Revenue (KBIR) to Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) arrived the revenue House on Monday 16 May, 2016. The team was led by Alhaji Saidu Jibrin. Other members of the team included Alhaji Sadiq E. S., Alhaji Amadu Momoh, Mr Celestine O. Idoko, and Ibraheem Adams. The delegated team was received by the Executive Chairman, KW-IRS and his team of Directors.

The Head of delegation, in his opening remark, explained that the visit was intended to learn from KW-IRS; both successes and mistakes. He apprised that the Kogi State Board is in awe of the smooth transition KW-IRS had and thought it worthy of emulation. He said KW-IRS is viewed by them as a brother and neighbour.

The Executive Chairman, KW-IRS credited part of the success of the transition to the initiative and political will of His Excellency, Governor AbdulFatah Ahmed. He stated that the tone from His Excellency is that of support and insistence on compliance and this has enabled consistency in the message of the Service to the residents of Kwara. He narrated events leading to the commencement of operations which began with the Kwara State Revenue Administration Law No. 6 that established KW-IRS, and the objective process of selection for the management team, as well as other staff.

When asked about the previous staff of KBIR, Dr Awodun explained that the Service made the recruitment of staff into the new KW-IRS open to everyone, including the staff of the defunct KBIR. Applicants who were interested had to meet requirements and undergo application processes as designed by the Service. This gave the applicants a choice as to whether to remain in the regular civil service, or apply to join the new Service.

Dr Awodun further explained that while KW-IRS is a State agency and as such a public service, it is however by law autonomous; administratively and financially. KW-IRS operates independently and is performance driven with set targets for each staff. Dr Awodun advised the Kogi State Board of Internal Revenue Service to deploy appropriate technology, pay attention to staff welfare, improve infrastructure, and ensure proper consideration for the environment and societal pressures.

The Head of the 5-man delegate thanked the Executive Chairman, KW-IRS for all his guidance and assistance. He posited that the Internal Revenue Service is one of the priorities of the Kogi State Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello Administration. This is evident in the Governor’s will to ensure the Board transitions smoothly with actions such as the approval of a temporary office pending reconstruction of the current site. He also expressed that he is confident that with the study tour to KW-IRS, the transition will be accelerated.

The Executive Chairman, KW-IRS in his closing remarks at the Study Tour opening thanked the team for their admiration of KW-IRS and assured the delegates of the support of KW-IRS when they visit each of the directorates within the Service on their tour.

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