Dr. Awodun Delivers a Lecture at the Landmark University, Omu-Aran

With a passion to impact the youth on ways to make a living by becoming entrepreneurs and by leveraging on creative ideas that can engender creation of resources. Dr. Muritala Awodun, the former Dean, School of Business and Governance and founding Director, the Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Kwara State University before his appointment as the Executive Chairman, Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) gave a lecture to the students of Landmark Business Administration and Corporate Analyst on the theme: Becoming successful as an Entrepreneur in Today’s Business World at the Landmark University, Omu-Aran on 6 June 2016.

After the reading of his profile by Dr. Mrs Alao, Patron, Landmark University Business Administration and Corporate Analyst (LUBACA), Dr. Awodun, the passionate teacher mounted the podium to do what he knows best by speaking to the to the theme of the seminar. He express how delighted he gets every time he has the opportunity to speak to young graduates on how they can make the best out of life without the need to wait for any white collar job. He however expressed profound appreciation to the management of Landmark University, Omu-Aran, especially the Department of Business Administration for the opportunity given him to share with the students of the prestigious institution from his wealth of experience.

Dr. Awodun further shed light on the 5 perspectives of entrepreneurship which are: People, Process, Skills, Methods and Ends. These are the basic requirements that leads to being a successful entrepreneur. Dr. Awodun emphasized on how the above listed interworks and inter relates as they cannot be separated as a complete ingredients for a tasty soup of entrepreneurship. Having talked about people and the perspective of entrepreneurship which is the number one perspective to be put into consideration when a potential entrepreneur is at the drawing board, Dr Awodun added that the prospective entrepeneur has to bear in mind that whatever is the outcome of his plan must be something that would work for people who will be his sole clients of whatever his thoughts are.

Dr. Awodun spoke to the second perspective of entrepreneurship, i.e., Process. According to the passionate lecturer, he defines process as the point of ideation which is inseparable from innovations, availability of resources, Enterprise, i.e., setting up the venture itself and the creation of employment which erupts as a result of that. He however enumerated the importance of commitment so as to sustain the process stage which can be lost to procrastination or lack of proper strategy and the detriment of the product development which is supposed to lead to employment for the entrepreneur as well as others and the realization of profit for him which is the key word for success.

Step by step, the Guru of entrepreneur in an atmosphere of passion for what he knows best as created by him explicated the third perspective of entrepreneurship which is the skills perspective. He defines skill as the talent, dexterity as well as the proficiency required by an entrepreneur to succeed. He broke this down to the vision(capacity to create) required by an entrepreneur, the passion, resilience and the never give up spirit mandatory for an entrepreneur because challenges is inseparable from life and the ability to weather the storm is what makes the winner. He further itemized the ingredients tagged to the skill perspective which are self- reliance, competence, motivation and decisiveness. Dr. Awodun spoke about the importance of risk management to an entrepreneur which is a must have for an entrepreneur and the ability for an entrepreneur to translate vision to reality.

Dr. Awodun also gave an insight on who an intrapreneur is. He characterized an intrapreneur as the leaders of an organization and the main driver of an organization. In this case, a visioneer of an idea may not necessary be a working team of his vision, he mostly in this context gives out his vision to experts in that regards to pursue and run with his dream. He further expounded on the fourth perspective which is Enterprise, that is, the medium of affecting and impacting and the last perspective which is the End perspective which he says is idea merged with innovation which results to adding value. He however said that innovation is one percent of inspiration.

Dr. Awodun also stressed the importance of the mind-set towards the success of an innovation as the mind-set of an entrepreneur ends up to be the reflection of his product as to whether it would succeed or not. He enumerated the effect of one’s character which also reflects on the aftermath of one’s effort towards success. This implies the importance of discipline and diligence to an entrepreneur.

Full of appreciation to Dr. Muritala Awodun for the lecture delivered which has opened up the understanding of the Business Administration students of Landmark University and has shown them the right ways of getting the best results out of every opportunity that comes their way, the LUBACA president; Mr. Tochukwu Odimgbe commended Dr. Awodun and plead for the Association to be obliged his presence subsequently as they intend to draw more from his wealth of his experience.


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